Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Past, Present, and Future of Annie Wente

Annie Wente is a girl on a mission. Since she was young she has dreamt big. At age five, she wanted to be a pediatrician because her grandfather always said that she was the only person in the family smart enough to be a doctor. However, as she progressed in school, she found that she hates science and decided to change directions. She is currently an International Studies major and a member of the Pioneer Leadership Program. She is considering adding a major or minor in Gender and Women’s Studies to prepare her for law school and work as an advocate for abused women.

Though she has high aspirations for her future, Annie thoroughly enjoys the present. She wants to “have fun being young” because she knows she will fondly reminisce on her college experiences for the rest of her life. Some of her favorite activities include skiing, reading, running, and baking.

Annie’s identity as a Catholic is equally important to her as her age. Her most memorable writing assignment was an open-ended paper in her religions class during her senior year of high school. The prompt was to reflect on everything she had learned in the class, and her fourteen-page product was a very insightful and personal reflection on the core values which direct her life.

This writing class has personal meaning for her, too. She connected with the issue of homelessness during a missions trip to a shelter in Chicago. As she talked with the women there, she was shocked by their life stories and the unforeseeable circumstances that left them without a home. She is excited for this class because it offers a chance to discuss homelessness and to create a meaningful impact in the community. Working at the Gathering Place will be an additional opportunity for Annie to serve others around her; she routinely volunteers at South High School by mentoring students as they pursue higher education and careers.

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