Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing.....Elizabeth Ann Vandello

Elizabeth Ann Vandello is a first year student from right here in Denver. She prefers to be called “Lizzie”.   Her name comes from her grandmother and it also means “gift from God.”  She lives at home and is an only child.  She says at times it can be lonely being an only child and knows that she herself wants to have more children.  She enjoys living at home but says sometimes it can get annoying with the typical nagging from the parents.  Growing up her parents were Catholic but as she investigated now considers herself agnostic.  As she’s gotten older she’s thought about religion more, but realizes her beliefs are “who [she is] now”.  Elizabeth really enjoys watching sports and has even considered incorporating sports into her professional life.  Lately she’s thought about attending USC for their Sports Law when she graduates DU. Her favorite sports team is the Denver Nuggets and really enjoyed when she got to write an article on one of their players, Chris Anderson, last quarter for her writing class.  She really likes to read especially Harry Potter.  She likes to write and read in general and considers herself a more “sedentary” person. 
            A few of Elizabeth’s favorite things include red velvet cupcakes, Steak House Ten restaurant, watching sports, and hanging out with friends.  Her favorite color is purple and favorite food is a good steak.
Elizabeth took this class because she really likes Professor Bateman as she had him for an introductory class earlier this year.  She liked the idea of a service learning class and the ability to volunteer and be out in the community.  

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