Monday, March 26, 2012

All About Emma!

I interviewed Emma, using fun questions as well as ones regarding her past as a writer and a civically engaged individual. Emma became an International Studies major after realizing her passion for the subject through a class last quarter. Her name was selected randomly from a baby name book by her parents. Also, when she was five, her most prominent career aspiration involved becoming a famous opera singer. At this age, she chose this career path because of her desire to sing in a “high voice” and wear elaborate costumes. Although Emma has no favorite animal to speak of, if she absolutely had to select one, it would be the sloth. If she could eat any dinner at home, her choice would be vodka pasta, made from a recipe that a friend passed on to her family.

Emma’s most salient identity is gender, simply because she recognizes its utter significance. “In our society, being a girl is pretty significant,” she says. An identity that she is interested in further exploring for the duration of this class is religion; despite her current identification as a tentative atheist, she wishes to examine her own religious identification as well as religious issues in a closer light throughout this quarter.

Her past as a writer includes writing for her high school newspaper, which she greatly enjoyed. Presently, Emma writes for the DU Clarion; she is a staff writer and generally writes two articles per week. Despite her love of writing, an area of writing that she does not relish in the least is poetry. However, she does enjoy creative writing in its other forms that do not involve poetry. Currently, she is a member of the Social Justice LLC. Through this organization, she volunteers with the Human Trafficking Task Force on campus. A notable and well-received event put on by this organization was a “teach-in” regarding chocolate and slavery. For her Social Justice class, she worked in a group to create a video on homelessness, based on interviews conducted with homeless people, meaning that she possesses prior experience with the topics of this course.

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