Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey-o class, meet Jonathon Seals

Jonathon Seals, hailing from Aurora, Colorado, is a diligent young man devoted to serving others. Having served as a Teen Attorney in the Aurora Teen Court Program, Jonathon gained valuable legal experience while providing guidance for troubled youth. At DU, Jonathon has taken the next step in his legal journey as a political science major, with future plans that include law school and eventually a potential corporate law career. He jokes that sometimes he takes his studies too seriously, and admits that at times he ends up sacrificing social time with late-night study sessions.

When he isn’t volunteering or studying the realms of the judicial system, Jonathon prefers to take it easy. At times he enjoys creating soothing melodies on the piano, perhaps after eating his favorite home cooked meal prepared by his mother: tender roast followed by homemade peach cobbler. You can also find Jonathon simply hanging out with his friends, a hobby that is extra satisfying because of his hard-working personality. He admits that he has never been the most active guy, jokingly calling himself “pretty clumsy.” But this year Jonathon hopes to hit the gym more and “try something new.”

Jonathon has always enjoyed writing, and he rarely dreads papers the way most college students do. As long as he doesn’t have to write poetry, Jonathon seems eager to grow as a writer, and he especially finds the self-reflection process rewarding. Jonathon’s inspirational work ethic seems to make everyone around him better, and I have no doubts that this will hold true for our class.

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