Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet Zachary Munson

There is no title, label or box to put Mr. Zachary Munson in. At a young age, the Arvada native was already combating social norms. Although his father is an Episcopalian priest he early on decided to branch off and figure out spirituality for himself. His mother is a psychologist specializing in trauma and couples psychology. Recognizing that him and his mother share the same traits, he’s currently majoring in psychology with the hopes of opening up his own practice and working with adults.

Unlike many youths today, Zach has always been very politically aware. In his free time he enjoys engaging in a good political discussion with his peers. Zach’s leisurely interest also span across a vast array of interest. Hockey, basketball, lacrosse, even cooking pasta dishes, Zach enjoys it all. What I found interesting was that this athlete is also a vegetarian. He decided to make the transition after having watched a documentary about corruption within the food industry.

Zach feels very confident with writing. He took AP writing in high school and had an excellent professor who he felt truly challenged him as a writer. He was even required to create a college level portfolio in his high school writing class. Zach feels safer with analytical writing and less comfortable with creative writing. Overall, because he judges himself harshly, he rarely feels as though he has written the perfect paper. However, his inner critic does not stop him from truly loving the experience that comes with writing.

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