Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wonderful Amy

       Amy's love for writing started in elementary school when she aspired to be a novelist.  Living in Centennial Colorado,  she grew up writing everything from poetry to short stories. In high school she worked for her school's literary magazine and had two poetry columns published.  Today she is a communications major and still plans on writing for a career, but claims that she hopes to do something more "practical" like copywriting or advertising. "I probably wouldn't be very good at technical writing," she said.  She still hopes to do some novel writing on the side.
        Amy also participated in Future Business Leaders of America in high school. She claims that it was a fun group with a tight knit group of kids. She also tried soccer, gymnastics and ballet but they didn't really "stick" as much as her other passions.  Her favorite animals are wolves and penguins. She enjoys watching a live broadcast of penguins (similar to the manatees!)  that her friend showed her online.  In addition, Amy volunteers with "The Bridge Project" in her free time. She tutors a 3rd grade girl in order to give her the tools she'll need to graduate high school. Otherwise, Amy claims that it's likely these kids wouldn't graduate. "At first the girl told me that she hated reading, writing and math," she said. "But eventually I learned that she LOVED Dr. Seuss, so we've been working from there."
        Gender identity is the most salient to Amy because she took a class on gender and women's studies last quarter that really got her thinking about it. She's like to explore her "abilities" identity the most because she hasn't thought much about it.
         Amy has a scar on her stomach that resulted from getting a birth mark removed. When she comes home for dinner the first thing she wants to eat is Beef Stroganoff, her mom's specialty.

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