Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing Michaela Diamond!!

Michaela Diamond is a very driven person. Always knowing her potential on what she can and will achieve. Being a woman she realizes that because she wants to be in a powerful position going into the working world she has learned that she will have to work harder to break through that glass ceiling to achieve all she wants out of life.  Growing up right outside Colorado Springs and being a Colorado native she learned to love the outdoors, picking up skiing, hiking, biking, and most of all running. Following in a family tradition from her Dad, for whom she was named after, running has become a favored activity that Michaela has certainly excelled in.  Michaela has always pushed herself from taking advanced English classes, such as AP Literature, and honors classes throughout high school, even working on a capstone project comparing Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Jane Eyre, and Hunchback of Notre Dame on their theme of romance. Where she found her true passion was through business class, in a program called DECA which is an association of marketing and business students run nationally throughout high schools. This is where Michaela fully realized that one day she wants to be the CEO of a company. Being so driven allows her to manage time well, so while in the process of achieving all of these goals she has set out for herself she multitasks and realizes her want to give back. Being a Christian most of her values are driven by her faith, and coming from an upper middle class background she realized her ability to give to those who are less fortunate. She loves the fact that our class has a service learning component, having worked with homeless through her youth group she has developed a want to give back to these people in need. She has also come to know some very interesting people in the process, and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge on gender and homelessness!

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