Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Wild & Wonderful Sarah Ford

If you haven’t already seen her dashing around campus or tabling in Driscoll, then take the opportunity to meet Sarah Ford. Sarah is a resident Coloradan hailing from Durango, Colorado and Durango High School. Here at DU she says that she, “breaks the mold of a typical college student,” because of her involvement with many different organizations on campus including the Obama Re-election campaign. But college isn’t the first time that she has chosen to break the mold; in high school she described herself as the, “nerd” doing “all of the nerdy activities.”

Nerdy to some, but awesome to others, Sarah was a member of the Durango High School Forensics Team(Debate & Speech), as a member of the team she competed in National Extemporaneous Speaking. When she wasn’t debating national issues she was presenting them as the editor of the school paper. For a little more activity she also participated as a member of the school Softball Team.

Although she loved her life of reporting, speaking, and softball, she felt that she wanted a bigger city with closer connections during her college career, that’s why she came to DU. In what should come as no surprise, Sarah intends to major in Journalism and International Studies in the hopes of one day becoming a print journalist. She’s already well on her way to realizing this goal as she is already employed as a staff writer for the Clarion, having already covered controversial issues such as the Occupy Movement here at DU and in Colorado, the push by the RAs for Transgender bathrooms in the dorms, and the presidential election.

Despite her experiences in writing on campus, her performance in AP English means that this is her first writing class at DU. As someone who volunteers at a soup kitchen and loves journalism, she knew that this was class was right for her, even if she didn’t know which class she was picking when she originally signed up.

Sarah is a valuable contribution to the class and will surely aid others with her steadfast knowledge of all things journalism and her unique experiences.

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